Shiny Toxtricity Event Now Available for Pokemon Sword and Shield Players

As a tie-in with the western release of the Shining Fates Pokémon TCG expansion, Shiny Toxtricity are for a limited time being distributed to players in select countries through codes available in retail stores. The distribution is on right now, and will continue through to March 18th. Full details of this Pokémon can be found below.

Players in the United States can receive a code to receive codes by using the Pokémon Pass app at any participating GameStot store. Curbside pickup and no-contact options are also available, with instructions available for this within the Pokémon Pass App.
Players in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can receive their codes at participating EB Games stores. Curbside pickup and no-contact options may be available on a store by store basis, however you will need to contact your local store to confirm this.
Players in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland can receive codes via the GameStop online store for their country.
Players in Belgim and The Netherlands can receive codes from the Game Mania online story for their country.
Players in France can receive codes from Micromania's online store.

Once received, codes can be redeemed in Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield via Mystery Gift, using the Get with Code/Password option. Be sure to save your game after redeeming your code.

Written by Rhodehawk


ZinnLav Feb 23, 2021
I think it's utterly ridiculous they're still doing physical store codes after all this time. The fact that the pandemic hasn't even changed that makes it even more ridiculous, it's such an outdated method and a waste of paper printing out all those code cards. Like they have the ability to do digital mystery gifts via the internet and they rarely use it.
Also what ever happened to giving out mythicals and legendaries or unique mons? This is just a shiny in a Cherish Ball, doesn't even have a unique move.
I've just gotten more disappointed with their Mystery Gifts in recent years, but then I suppose I shouldn't be comparing it to their 20th anniversary where they released a mythical every month. It'd be cool if they just did that constantly, just a mythical every month constantly.